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MAFB: UFC Fight Night 198 Vieira vs Tate Review

Pintsized Background

Well, there we have it, lads. Miesha Tate could not defy Father Time in a wishful shot at reclaiming her Bantamweight title. On the one hand, Tate put up a competitive fight against the physical prowess of Ketlen Vieira. On the other, Vieira represented the most winnable match in the division for Tate to leapfrog towards challenging for the belt.

The stinkiest card of the year, UFC Fight Night 198, was an utterly dreadful watch. This week’s review is going to cherry-pick the only redeeming fights. Michael Chiesa and Sean Brady was a fight that heated up in the final round but left all salivating for two more rounds. Taila Santos’ submission over Joanne Wood didn’t set the UFC Apex on fire, but it was the only finish on the night.

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Davey Grant and Adrian Yanez may have won FOTN from the UFC brass, but not from good ol' Pintsized | MAFB: UFC Fight Night 198 Review
Davey Grant and Adrian Yanez may have won FOTN from the UFC brass, but not from good ol’ Pintsized | MAFB: UFC Fight Night 198 Review

Michael Chiesa vs Sean Brady

Brady def. Chiesa // Decision (unanimous – 29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Fight Breakdown

Michael Chiesa will never be regarded as anything more than a functional striker. Against Sean Brady, the far smaller man, Chiesa at least attempted to use his reach advantage. Keeping his lead hand permanently extended, Chiesa’s regular straight feints left Brady stranded outside of striking range. Unfortunately for Chiesa, he is not a natural striker. Throwing blind kicks and surrendering his back to the cage were the small openings that Brady latched onto efficiently.

The opening two rounds were dominated by Brady’s relentless takedowns. Once Brady had secured control over Chiesa’s back, the Maverick was forced to sacrifice precious minutes of the round cage walking and returning to his feet. While Brady threatened with submissions in the second round, Chiesa never looked in dire straits.

By the final round, Brady was exhausted. The prospect was able to shave off most of the round on the mat, but there was a real risk of Brady throwing it all away in the final minute. Chiesa’s knees almost crumpled Brady, before a trip and strikes from above left Brady waiting for the bell. There is little doubt that an extra two rounds would have seen a major shift in momentum, but both men exited the octagon with some form of victory.

Michael Chiesa Analysis and Future

Losing to Brady marks a two-fight skid for the Maverick but the UFC veteran has barely lost any stock in the process. If Chiesa wants to rebound in style, he should be gunning for a showdown with Daniel Rodriguez. The heavy-handed Welterweight is coming off a career victory against Kevin Lee, and despite his solid TDD, has not yet faced a grappler on the level of Chiesa.

Sean Brady Analysis and Future

With the scalp of Chiesa, Brady has justified the rapidly increasing hype behind his name. Knowing the UFC, we will likely see Brady against someone like Li Jiangliang – a known name who lacks any tools to threaten the American. A more competitive fight would be against Jorge Masvidal. It is likely that Leon Edwards will face off with his backstage nemesis, but if not, Brady vs Masvidal is a wonderfully competitive bout.

Perfect striking form from both Welterweights | MAFB: UFC Fight Night 198 Review
Perfect striking form from both Welterweights | MAFB: UFC Fight Night 198 Review

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Taila Santos vs Joanne Wood

Santos def. Wood // Submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1 4:49

Fight Breakdown

At some point, I am going to have to admit that Santos’ freak athleticism will be enough to stomp almost everyone in Women’s Flyweight. Joanne Wood has always been an underrated fighter on the roster – largely down to the Scot’s inconsistency. It would be fair to say that on her day, Wood could give Shevchenko a competitive bout. Sadly, UFC Fight Night 198 was not the event where Wood was firing on all cylinders.

Santos’ size and power allow her to dominate the centre of the octagon. Wood was forced to poke with single shots from the outside, mostly using teep kicks to control the range with the occasion 1-2. Although the Brazilian threw barely any volume, her power is clear. Wood was dropped off the first meaningful right hand that Santos landed, before being knocked down once again only seconds later. Wood never recovered after the first knockdown and allowed the Brazilian to submit the Scot with ease.

Taila Santos Analysis and Future

Women’s Flyweight is a dead division. In an ideal world, Santos would be able to hone her craft against ranked opposition before facing the ultimate test in Shevchenko. As Valentina has already destroyed everyone in the top-5, Santos could well be fast-tracked into a title shot. Sigh.

Joanne Wood Analysis and Future

A humiliating loss won’t do Wood any favours, especially after her debatable decision loss to Lauren Murphy. The Scot could rebuild against Cynthia Calvillo who appears done and dusted at the top level of the sport. Of course, a striking affair between Wood and Maycee Barber (who should be 0-3 in her last three fights) would also be enjoyable.

Poor Joanne Wood cannot catch a break these days | MAFB: UFC Fight Night 198 Review
Poor Joanne Wood cannot catch a break these days | MAFB: UFC Fight Night 198 Review

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Pintsized Awards

Pintsized Prospect

Sean Brady. Aside from a wobble in the final round, it was a mature performance from the UFC newbie.

Pintsized Veteran

Rani Yahya. Although Yahya was facing a fellow veteran, the Brazilian continues to look majestic on the mat.

Surprise of the Night

Santos sub. Wood. A decision victory or late stoppage was always a potential against Wood, but the first-round submission proved a shocker.

Fight of the Night

Brady def. Chiesa. A toss-up between the Welterweights or Adrian Yanez and Davey Grant. I opted for the hipster choice.

Finish of the Night

Santos sub. Wood. The only finish on a squalid night for entertainment.

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