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MAFB Math: UFC 266

Pintsized Background

Well, after a few weeks of pitter patter shows, the UFC finally served us a piping hot card. Hats off to Volkanovski and Ortega, both men put on a show. The scorecards may have ended wide, but Brian Ortega almost spoiled the show twice with killer submission attempts. If you ever doubted Volkanovski’s right to the Featherweight crown, the heart and technique on display last weekend can only convert you to a fan. Nothing too shocking across the scoring, but Volk scores the highest ever submission defence (10) – I’m sure it needs no explanation.

Catch up on the preview and predictions for UFC 266: Predictions if you haven’t already, and have a good old laugh at our expense.

Want to rejog the memory over the week’s events? Trim the fat and jump straight to the fight of the night, fighters to watch and path the future for all fighters involved on MAFB: UFC 266.

Heavyweight Gerald Meerschaert is the new mythical beast within the UFC
Heavyweight Gerald Meerschaert is the new mythical beast within the UFC

Pintsized Scale

1 Incompetent Amateur (First-Timer, Regional Can)
5 Average Proficiency (Feeder League Elite, UFC Unranked Standard)
10– Prodigious (Expert, GOAT)
N/A or Blank– Categories that weren’t touched upon during the fight

MAFB Math: UFC 266 Aesthetic Ratings

MAFB Math: UFC 266 Fighter Ratings

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MAFB Math: UFC 266 Adjustable Table (Sort/Filter)

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