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MAFB: Demetrius Andrade vs Jason Quigley Review

Pintsized Background

It may not have been the MSG, but Andrade delivered the goods in New Hampshire. Jason Quigley was never expected to threaten Andrade’s WBO World title, but the Irishman could claim a solid amateur background. Rather than a dreary chess match evolving between the two Middleweights, Andrade showed zero respect towards Quig. Walking the visibly smaller man down, Quigley was pasted to the canvas three times as he suffered a broken jaw in the first round.

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Eddie damn well knew his champ was safe | MAFB: Andrade vs Quigley
Eddie damn well knew his champ was safe | MAFB: Andrade vs Quigley

Demetrius Andrade vs Jason Quigley

Andrade def. Quigley // TKO Round 2 2:24

Fight Breakdown

In just five minutes, Demetrius Andrade managed to wipe out much of the career resentment that fans have held towards the champ. Long gone are the days of taking the likes of Luke Keeler nine rounds or Artur Akavov twelve. The American, acknowledging that the big money fights are passing him by as he continues to take no risks in the ring, finally revealed a change of plan. If Andrade is to justify the incessant call-outs towards GGG and Jamie Munguia, he needed a highlight reel. And, boy, did the champ deliver.

Despite his undefeated record, Jason Quigley never quite looked assured of his skillset in the face of Andrade. Keeping his lead hand extended, Quigley tried to paw and deceive Andrade but there was never much threat of the Irishman committing to a jab. It took Andrade just two minutes to call Quigleys bluff and walk him down with an uncharacteristic barrage of wild hooks. Quigley never recovered from the first knockdown, the damage to his jaw leaving his situation untenable. While Quigley bravely walked out to the second round, he was a dead man walking. Andrade never let his foot off the gas, slowly walking Quigley down and forcing the referee to mercifully save the challenger.

Demetrius Andrade Analysis and Future

After such a dominant performance, Andrade finds himself in the best position of his career. The American’s skillset is undeniable, the dominant victory over Liam Williams justified his seat at the big boy table. Now, more than ever, Eddie has to work overtime to push Andrade into a career-defining fight. GGG, Jermall Charlo, Jamie Munguia… it doesn’t matter what belts are on the line. Now is the time for Andrade to chase that bag.

Jason Quigley Analysis and Future

A two-round thumping is always a difficult pill to swallow, but the Irish fans aren’t the sort to desert one of their own after a humbling. Quigley is the very definition of a B-tier fighter. It’s unlikely he’ll ever secure a world title, bar some freak match-making, but he could always find a cheeky payday in the UK. Sam Eggington has somehow revived his career and would guarantee a war that catches eyes. Maybe Frank Warren will pick up Quigley to test Denzel Bentley.

A total lack of respect from Andrade aided the American's rapid pay day | MAFB: Andrade vs Quigley
A total lack of respect from Andrade aided the American’s rapid pay day | MAFB: Andrade vs Quigley

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Kali Reis vs Jessica Camara

Reis def. Camara // Decision (split – 94-96, 97-93, 97-93)

Fight Breakdown

What. A. War. Hats off to Kali Reis and Jessica Camara for putting it all on the line from the opening round. A major issue with Women’s boxing is the archaic two-minute timer. Oftentimes, the loss of a minute leaves fighters unable to stomp a dominant mark on the round. Well, nobody told either of Reis or Camara on the night.

Camara’s head movement proved exceptional during the first half of the fight. Reis stiffly approach was peppered by Camara, with the Canadian beautifully arcing hooks from angles that Reis could not react in time to. The fluid movement and Reis’ focus on the body eventually slowed Camara’s movement.

With the fight descending to a phone-booth brawl for the second half, Reis’ power started to rack up rounds. While I believe Camara’s volume and cleaner shots should have seen her favoured, Reis’ relentless pressure was undeniable. In a potential rematch, Camara HAS to work on her right hand. Reis landed the lead hook to Camara’s open chin all night.

Kali Reis Analysis and Future

It wasn’t a sterling defence of her titles, but Kali Reis importantly retains the money makers. There isn’t much point in ruminating on what lies ahead for the American. Hearn has made it abundantly clear that the next fight will be a unification against Chantelle Cameron. A historic banger of a fight that should descend into a bloodbath.

Jessica Camara Analysis and Future

A bitter pill to swallow for the Canadian who really should have been given the nod on the night. The thirty-three-year-old proved her worth at the highest level, however. A scrap with Mary McGee could set up a future title contender for the winner of Cameron/Reis.

The only title fight that wasn't a shambles on Friday night | MAFB: Andrade vs Quigley
The only title fight that wasn’t a shambles on Friday night | MAFB: Andrade vs Quigley

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Pintsized Awards

Pintsized Prospect

Nelson Perez. Power, speed and a killer finishing instinct – definitely a fighter to keep an eye on.

Pintsized Veteran

Kali Reis. Thirty-five years old and twenty seven fights under her belt, the American needed to dig deep to defend her belts.

Surprise of the Night

Julio Cesar Martinez vs McWilliams Arroyo. Three knockdowns and a no-contest result in just a little over six minutes of action? Hell yeah!

Fight of the Night

Kali Reis def. Jessica Camara. A fight of two halves that featured a bit of something for everyone.

Finish of the Night

Thomas O’Toole def. Mark Malone // KO Round 1 1:31. Malone may not represent stellar opposition, but Tommy O’Toole iced his opponent in the first punch of the match.

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