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MAFB Math: Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler

Pintsized Background

Liam Smith may have dropped a pace, but the levels to this game remained visibly stark on Saturday night. Rather than spending every waking hour flaunting his CBD sales across social media, Anthony Fowler would have been best advised shortening his freakishly long stance. To be fair to the former Olympian, his jab was liquid gold that Smith struggled to get inside of for the first half of the fight.

The real attention needs to be focused on the co-main event, however. Teddy Cheese never fails to bring excitement to the ring. The British champion valiantly battled to defend his title, but his chin finally met its match in Troy Williamson’s granite hands. British fans have a lot to get excited over in the Super-Welterweight division.

Catch up on the preview and predictions for Matchroom: Smith vs Fowler Predictions if you haven’t already, and have a good old laugh at our expense.

Want to rejog the memory over the week’s events? Trim the fat and jump straight to the fight of the night, fighters to watch and path the future for all fighters involved on MAFB: Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler.

The cameraman did Cheeseman dirty after snapping Williamson's left clobbering the Cheese
The cameraman did Cheeseman dirty after snapping Williamson’s left clobbering the Cheese

Pintsized Scale

1 Incompetent Amateur (First-Timer, Regional Can)
5 Average Proficiency (Feeder League Elite, UFC Unranked Standard)
10– Prodigious (Expert, GOAT)
N/A or Blank– Categories that weren’t touched upon during the fight

MAFB Math: Smith vs Fowler Aesthetic Ratings

MAFB Math: Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler Fighter Ratings

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