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MAFB: Lara Warrington 2 Review

Pintsized Background

What do you get when you mix a hotly anticipated rematch, a full crowd of Leeds faithful and two inside fighters? As if almost by fate, the worst possible result emerged after the Lara Warrington rematch ended in round two following an accidental clash of heads. What sucks worst is that we never uncovered whether Warrington was capable of boxing sensibly on the outside for longer than a round. Ah well, time for the Yorkshire man to move on, his career is at risk of stagnation.

Catch up on the preview and predictions of Matchroom: Lara Warrington 2 if you haven’t already, and have a good old laugh at our expense.

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A rare snapshot of Conor Benn landing on the slippery, Adrian Granados | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2
A rare snapshot of Conor Benn landing on the slippery, Adrian Granados | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2

Mauricio Lara vs Josh Warrington

Technical Draw (Accidental Head Clash) Round 2 3:00

Fight Breakdown

On the one hand, six minutes isn’t a lot of time for much analysis to be gleaned. On the other, the two rounds of Lara Warrington were an intriguing affair that kickstarted from the opening bell. Warrington’s rigid upper body belied a level of discomfort, facing his former nemesis who shattered his chin alongside his ego. Still, the Leeds native was able to keep himself out of the firing line during the first round through speed of footwork alone.

Out-striking the Mexican with sharp one-twos on the outside, Warrington looked to wrap up Lara rather than extended firefights in the pocket (unlike their first meeting). Warrington’s willingness to clinch was perhaps the cause behind the head clash. Regardless, it was a clever tactic (and despite online criticism), opening a cut wasn’t the ultimate goal. With the awful wound opened over Lara’s eye, the Mexican spurred into action and threw powerful hooks to Warrington’s body. Most frustrating was Warrington’s decision to fall back onto his inside volume striking as soon as Lara’s cut emerged. A rush of blood that may have only lasted during round two, but Warrington’s natural fighting style will have led to his demise once again if left unchecked by his corner.

Josh Warrington Analysis and Future

As much as the fans will want to see a trilogy fight, in large part to test Warrington’s mettle, it is time for the thirty-year-old to move on. Fighting behind a style based on speed, his peak is very much unfolding before our eyes in real-time. A Kid Galahad rematch and an opportunity to reclaim his IBF world title would be easily made. With Galahad vs Wood in the works, however, Warrington has two choices. A quick turnaround fight against a British rival (Jazza Dickens, Gavin McDonnell) before preparing for a title shot. Or, and more spicy, is Warrington vs Conlan for the WBA title. Good Lord, Featherweight is a spicy division.

Mauricio Lara Analysis and Future

While Lara has every right to be disgruntled with the ending on Saturday night, I’m sure the healthy fight purse has dried his tears somewhat. Usually, an immediate trilogy fight would be the best option. After suffering such a horrendous cut, however, Lara will be out for at least six months if his team has his best interests in mind. Of course, the allure of money is tantalising for a young fighter who has boxed up the rankings the hard way. While Leo Santa Cruz hasn’t fought in Mexico since 2012, a domestic clash with the former world champion would suit all involved (least not the fans). If that is a step too far, a similar all-Mexican affair could take place against Eduardo Ramirez.

Neither repeat nor redemption, Lara Warrington 2 suffered a dismal end | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2
Neither repeat nor redemption, Lara Warrington 2 suffered a dismal end | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2

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Hopey Price vs Zahid Hussain

Price def. Hussain // TKO Round 2 2:33

Fight Breakdown

Taking his first step-up against an experienced British fighter, Hopey Price shocked everyone with an early finish. While the prospect was expected to see his hand raised, Hussain represented a seventeen-fight veteran with an awkward back-foot stick and move style. Throughout the first round, Price used a variety of hand feints while dropping at the hips. Hussain was left unwilling to pull the trigger and by the end of the round found himself against the ropes. After three minutes of probing body straights, Price extended beyond the single-shot just before the bell. As Hussain attempted to lunge into a counter off of the body straight, Price revealed his trap as he dropped ‘The Magic Man’ with an explosive lead hook. Unable to fully recover, Price eventually finished his wobbly foe in the next round.

Hopey Price Analysis and Future

Everyone expected Hopey Price to feel out his tougher opponent during the opening rounds. Managing distance with straight shots and banking early rounds was always expected. The surprise was Price had no intent to drag the fight into the mid-rounds. The fight-defining punch, the lead hook off the body straight, was an expertly crafted trap. At just twenty-one years old, Pintsized is unabashedly on the Hopey Price hype train. Tyrone McCullagh is a fine scalp that Price could acquire at perfect timing, following his devastating TKO loss to journeyman, Brett Fidoe. Another curveball could be to drag Lucien Reid out of retirement for a fairly big domestic affair. In reality, Price will probably bring in a durable opponent to gain rounds. Adam Ochoa and Andrew Othello Strode are both Yanks who could be called upon if Hearn wants to import Price to the States.

Zahid Hussain Analysis and Future

Man, as sad as it is to say, that is pretty much the nail in Hussain’s professional career – at least on TV. Already into his 30’s, and with only a single victory over an opponent with a winning record, Hussain’s style just can’t be marketed. It is either back to the small hall shows in the hopes of a regional belt route, or to hang them up. That isn’t to say Hussain is a bad fighter, far from it, he is a cut above the journeymen of the world. But he has failed twice when attempting to step up, and there isn’t time to fix the problems in his game.

Hussain failed to establish his length in his short bout against Hopey Price | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2
Hussain failed to establish his length in his short bout against Hopey Price | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2

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Pintsized Awards

Pintsized Prospect

Hopey Price. A ridiculous boxing brain between his young shoulders, there is a long and bright future ahead for the Traveller.

Pintsized Veteran

Maxi Hughes. After being written off for most of his career, Hughes emerged from COVID a fighter reborn. Shocking Jono Carroll back in August 2020, Hughes tore up Paul Hyland Jr and Viktor Kotochigov on route to the IBO title. Out-boxing the heavy-hitting favourite, Jovanni Straffon, Hughes continues to surprise in his twilight.

Surprise of the Night

Maxi Hughes. A 3/1 underdog, Hughes defied the bookmakers and made Straffon’s 1/4 odds look foolish.

Fight of the Night

Ebanie Bridges vs Mailys Gangloff. The powerful Australian may have had her hand raised in dubious fashion, but it didn’t take away from a fun low-level tear-up. Gangloff’s whirlwind volume complimented Bridges’ lumbering power exquisitely.

Finish of the Night

Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara (Head Clash). A bit of a cop-out, but you can’t deny that the main event result was the most talked-about finish of the card.

The IBO may be a paper belt, but no one can deny Maxi Hughes turned up on biggest night of his career | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2
The IBO may be a paper belt, but no one can deny Maxi Hughes turned up on biggest night of his career | MAFB: Lara Warrington 2

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