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MAFB Math: Lara Warrington 2

Pintsized Background

Well, it wasn’t the homecoming that Warrington’s devoted Leeds fans were praying for. Forget the criticism circulating online, placing the sole blame of Warrington’s lunging head for ending the rematch. Both men like to work on the inside, both men keep themselves low, and as such, a head clash was always on the cards when the two styles met. Perhaps of greater annoyance for the fans attending was a lack of finishes to rouse the spirit. There’s nothing wrong with a back-and-forth affair, but the Taylor-Han fight in particular was around 4-6 rounds longer than efficient entertainment.

Catch up on the preview and predictions for Matchroom: Lara Warrington 2 if you haven’t already, and have a good old laugh at our expense.

Want to rejog the memory over the week’s events? Trim the fat and jump straight to the fight of the night, fighters to watch and path the future for all fighters involved on MAFB: Lara Warrington 2.

More-so than anyone else on the card, Ebanie Bridges can count herself lucky to have her hand raised against a spirited Gangloff performance

Pintsized Scale

1 Incompetent Amateur (First-Timer, Regional Can)
5 Average Proficiency (Feeder League Elite, UFC Unranked Standard)
10– Prodigious (Expert, GOAT)
N/A or Blank– Categories that weren’t touched upon during the fight

MAFB Math: Lara Warrington 2 Aesthetic Ratings

MAFB Math: Lara Warringtn 2 Fighter Ratings

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