Boxing: Morning After the Fight Before

Boxing: MAFB
Freshest Pint

MAFB: Lara Warrington 2 Review

Post-fight night hangover? Join Pintsized Interests as we discuss the winners, losers and future for all those involved in Matchroom: Lara Warrington 2.

Boxing MAFB: Freshest Ascending

MAFB Math: Lara Warrington 2

Using the world renowned Pintsized Interests scale, size up how your favourite fighters fared over the weekend with MAFB Math: Lara Warrington 2.

MAFB Math: Queensberry Maxwell Fields

MAFB Math: Queensberry Maxwell Fields.

MAFB Math: Matchroom Povetkin Whyte II

MAFB Math: Matchroom Povetkin Whyte II

MAFB: Queensberry Williams vs Robinson

MAFB: Queensberry Williams vs Robinson.

Frank Warren’s mighty bar room brawls are back on the menu.


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